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Frequently Asked Questions in Fontana, CA

Sweeping trucks use water but only to control dust. It is a common misconception that the benefits from sweeping service come from a water sweeping. Our sweeping trucks are equipped with high power vacuum units which generally require a dry surface for the most effective sweeping.
Is “Dry” sweeping available?

Fugitive dust is expelled during the sweeping process to varying degrees. The AQMD has established standard levels for such dust. No sweeper is capable of sweeping without some fugitive dust but a dry sweep, defined as sweeping without water, would result in AQMD fines, not to mention excessive amount of dust. The use of water during sweeping lowers the levels of dust expelled during the sweeping process.
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What about stains on the street?

Any stains on the street will remain following sweeping. The sweeping process is similar to vacuuming your carpet. The vacuum sweeping process removes loose debris from the surface of the street but the sweeping trucks are not street scrubbers.

What can the HOA do to insure a successful sweep day?

1. Please move all Automobiles, Boats, or RV's from the street the night before sweeping is scheduled.

2. Encourage gardeners and landscaping crews to rake up grass clippings and other debris from your yard rather than blow them into the streets.

3. Please use the yard waste recycling container for leaves and yard trimmings. Large amounts of leaves, dirt, and especially mud slow down the sweeping process and reduce the effectiveness of the service.

4. Make sure that sprinklers are adjusted properly to avoid excess water in gutters. Excess water creates algae formation resulting in asphalt stains.

5. Portable basketball hoops extending out past the curb line or standing in gutter make sweeping difficult if not impossible. This is also true of trash cans.

6. Trees and tree limbs should be cut back away from curbs thereby allowing sweeper truck to effectively sweep your curbs and gutters.
Street Sweeping is a necessary part of any street maintenance helping communities meet the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System standards set by Federal and State Laws. Street Sweeping removes pollutants from curbs preventing leaves and debris from clogging storm drains. An effective street sweeping provides your community with a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance.