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Power Sweeping & Storm Water Quality in Fontana, CA

Let MORNING STAR SWEEPING help make you compliant with your city's Storm Drain Water Fines Compliance Ordinances.

Our fleet of TYMCO model 435's and 600's project a force of 250 mph controlled jets of air, blasting into pavement cracks forcing up even the finest particulates into a totally enclosed system - never exhausting dirty air as do vacuum sweepers.
Our sweeper trucks insure that stormwater pollution will be reduced by the "Maximum Extent Practicable." With twice the power of pure vacuum sweeping, our fleet of sweepers capture even the finest micron-size particulates which conventional vacuum and broom sweepers leave behind.

We Don't Just Pick Up Surface Dirt Or Move It Around. We Sweep Deeper and Remove It!

front of sweeper truck in Fontana, CA
full view of sweeper truck in Fontana, CA
TYMCO truck in Fontana, CA
For sweeping, we use Regenerative Air technology which is the most efficient and environmental way to sweep. A controlled blast of air is used to dislodge debris which is then directed with the help of dual gutter brooms to the pick-up head into the sweeper's hopper. The debris and pollutants stay in the sweeper's hopper never exhausting polluted air in the atmosphere. Our Sweeping units are AQMD 1186 Certified PM10 Efficient.